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February 23, 2007
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Lily by thrynk Lily by thrynk
Rezlooks Engine required. Also included a emerald theme and xfce theme.
Wallpapers (recolored) from the wall pack at [link]
Fluxbox theme available at [link]

Version 0.2:
Blue color now included.

Version 0.3:
Changed pixmap titlebars in xfwm and emerald themes.
Pixmap scrollbars added.
Lighter color texts.
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thrynk Featured By Owner May 1, 2007
Thanks, brusk. I do have an icon set but not all of them. I can send them to you if you want. :)
hadret Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2007
How did You removed shadow from conky? =/
thrynk Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2007
draw_shades no
hadret Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2007
Yep, but Emerald draw it's own shadow's ;D Thx, nvm ;)
yuris9 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2007
i love it, thanks!
thrynk Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007
sebi2kl Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007
Well, regarding the "blue looks pink"..I have figured that out, I have just been stupid.

I have been using your xfce theme for about a week now and just love it. I have however noticed two things:

The scroll bar has limitied usability because of the similar colours, making it hard to use in some situations. Perhaps you could change the colour of the trough to light-blue (or just a different shade of pink of the pink theme)?

I also noticed that in a Gaim conversation window, it's almost impossible to tell whether the checkboxes in the Options menu (enable logging, enable sound, ...) are checked or not. I'm not sure whether this only applies to Gaim or also to other applications.
thrynk Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2007
I'm not sure about the color scrollbar because it doesn't suit the theme. But you can add a different color if you want by going to line 46 and put in the hex color values of a color you want. I use Gcolor2 to find out.

And for the checkboxes, I know about it but unfortunately I can't change the color 'cause it won't match.

I am currently making the same theme but based on Murrine. It does show whether the checkboxes are checked or not. So stayed tuned.
inook Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007
Thank you for a beautiful theme :)
Is it possible to port this emerald theme to metacity?
thrynk Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007
Thanks, inook. :) Yes, but I won't be making one because I don't use Gnome much.
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